Data Center

A Data Center is the lifeblood of business. We provide you with an efficient Data Center and a complete solution tailored to your business needs.

A quality Data Center makes your business more secure. A well-designed Data Center also saves you money and energy. Today, businesses and public organizations are increasingly relying on ICT technology, which is why Data Centers are becoming more and more common.

For many companies, the Data Center is an extremely important entity. Virtually every employee today has one or more computers at his or her disposal. The same applies to our leisure time, we are constantly using different applications on a variety of different terminals. All this requires an entity where these applications are running inside thousands of servers.

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The data Center is customised to meet the needs of different organisations

For example, a Data Center is needed to host a company’s cloud services. Many companies are rapidly moving to cloud computing, which is run from a Data Center. The attraction of Data Centers and cloud computing lies in the cost savings that they seem to generate, at least in the short term. Cloud computing is not always the most appropriate option for all business or public sector ICT needs. Cloud services need a Data Center and other related solutions. Depending on the service provider, the Data Center may be located in Finland, Europe, the US, China or another country.

The location of the data Center matters

The location of your Data Center should be carefully considered. For most companies, or even for a Finnish medical service, it doesn’t matter where the Data Center is located. Depending on the service, the location of the data may matter, or the speed of the data connection may have an impact on the performance of the service. A Finnish Data Center keeps the data at home and does not allow it to be transferred abroad. For global service providers, it can be difficult to know whether the sensitive data in the Data Center is located in the EU or in Finland, for example. With a domestic Data Center and service provider, this is fairly easy to ensure, also contractually. If the data is sensitive and the company wants to invest fully in the functionality of the service, a Finnish Data Center is a safe option for the company.

How do you choose a good Data Center?

There are many differences between Data Centers; for example, in terms of data security, physical security, technical functionality and energy efficiency. It may not be easy to choose a Data Center that meets all the necessary criteria. Often, the right choice is only known after a few years of experience with a Data Center. Various checks and audits can be carried out to ensure that the most important aspects of a Data Center’s operation are being met. Perhaps the best situation is if you own your own Data Center, then you know exactly what its functionalities are and any future development needs.

Technology in Data Centers is evolving

It is often thought that a company’s own Data Center is an expensive solution. However, as technology evolves, this is not necessarily the case. Energy-efficient, secure, reliable and scalable Data Centers can be built at any size. Virtualization has reduced the space required for hardware and the Data Center needs less square footage. However, as processing power and data volumes continue to grow, power consumption increases and Data Center cooling solutions become more important. Finland offers excellent conditions for energy-efficient Data Center cooling, not only because of the climate, but also because we can now apply heat reblankingy in an economically viable way even in very small environments, thus saving on heating costs, for example. A domestic Data Center is a reliable and efficient solution!